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Location: Portland, OR

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Location: Castro Valley, CA

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Location: Chesapeake, VA

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Location: San Diego, CA

Writer - Remote (Freelance)
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Investigative Assistant - Remote
Location: Washington DC

Retention Specialist - Remote Optional
Location: West Bend, WI

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Placentia, CA

Supporting Clinician (Remote)
Location: Oakton, VA

Remote Notary
Location: Columbus, OH

Remote Notary
Location: Detroit, MI

Remote Underwriter
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Remote Notary
Location: Baltimore, MD

Remote | WFH
Location: Brookings, SD

Remote Notary
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Remote Notary
Location: Portland, OR

Remote Booker
Location: New Jersey

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Pico Rivera, CA

-- Remote | WFH
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Administrative Assistant (REMOTE)
Location: Remote

Remote Sales
Location: Huntsville, AL

Remote Sales
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Remote Sales
Location: Los Angeles, CA

MuleSoft Developer (REMOTE)
Location: Nashville, TN

Remote Heavy Equipment Operator
Location: Blackfoot, ID

Business Development Representative - Remote
Location: Boston, MA

Bilingual Health Coach- Remote
Location: Sarasota, FL

Administrator - Remote Job
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Remote Recruiter
Location: Remote

Remote Biller
Location: West Haven, CT

5 Perfect Opening Lines That Will Make Your Cover Letter

5 Perfect Opening Lines That Will Make Your Cover Letter

Everybody realizes the necessity of a resume or CV when applying for a new job. There are a plethora of guidelines, videos, and tutorials available on the Internet on how to make up an effective CV. However, how about a cover letter? Have you ever written it? Have you ever thought about its role in the application process? If your answer is no, allow yourself some time to read this article and learn how to create an outstanding cover letter that will make the hiring manager fall in love with your candidacy after reading the opening lines!

What a Cover Letter Is

A cover letter is a text that comprises the reasons or the evidence that you are the perfect match for the company’s opening. Writing such a thing might seem to be torture for some people, as it’s similar to a unique value proposition. Trying to advertize and sell yourself may feel like something extremely contradictory; however, the job market is exactly about selling or buying somebody’s skills and knowledge. Yet, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Try to release all these misconceptions and accept the rules adopted by the job market. Secondly, a professional cover letter also demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively, how conscious you are regarding your self-value, and how soberly you evaluate your skills.

There are no match layouts to pursue. However, we have some tricks to make your cover letter non-trivial and memorable. Here we are with 5 tips on making the opening lines of a cover letter a powerful tool in the fight for the place under the employment sun!

1. Job Title & Accomplishments

What can cause a bigger sensation than your working background? We know for sure – presenting this background in the right way! If you think that just listing your accomplishments will make do, you’re wrong, my friend. Everybody can take credit for cool things on paper, but where is the proof? Therefore, you should not only list them but also demonstrate how your previous company benefited from them.

  • As a web designer, I renovated the old version of the site for Company X, which tripled the number of visits and doubled the number of clients who have bought from the site per month.

2. Excitement Equals Dedication

We don’t know a single person who wouldn’t get flattered by hearing how valuable and exceptional the opportunity they provided is. That’s why don’t skimp on expressing your appreciation and eagerness regarding the job opportunity you’ve received. For them, it’s a clear sign that you are highly likely to be an engaged and proactive employee (one of the significant green flags behind the scenes).

  • I am really excited to get a chance to become a part of your company/department as this position has been my aim for a long time. I do believe I’ve gained enough experience and expertize to live up to your expectations in this position, and namely…

3. Keywords Are a Must

You should know that larger companies often use applicant tracking systems to facilitate their lives. Such AI programs give out results based on the keywords, so if you want your cover letter to be noticed among many others, don’t neglect to put a sufficient number of relevant keywords in the opening lines.

  • I have been working on numerous web design projects, including graphic and motion design. Have created over 70 websites, and during this time, I have honed my skills enough to be a mentor for newbies. Furthermore, I have been working on my communication skills to reach highly effective communication with clients and lead a team.

4. Networking Matters

A perfect idea would be to mention that you’ve found out about this position from your mutual contact (including their name). Say, they highly recommended contacting the hiring manager as they think the combination of your skills and eagerness to work in this position will only benefit the company. It will ignite HR’s interest and spur them to reach out to you.

  • My name is …, and recently I had a chance to find out about your UI/UX department opening. I spoke to the team lead (name), who recommended contacting you due to my competitive expertise in the field and also strong interest in this opportunity.

5. Keep up with the Updates

Finally, you may consider showing the hiring manager your interest and awareness of the latest events in the company you’re applying for. Then, mention it in your cover letter, demonstrating the parallel between the event, the opening, and your skills.

  • Recently, I’ve come across the news that your company has opened a new branch in Los Angeles and will hire new designers to put together new teams. I got excited about it because I finally got a chance to apply and become a part of your department. For the past several years, I’ve been boosting my web design skills, so now I believe I could make a perfect match for the team of designers.
Date: 5 August 2022
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