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Remote Licensed Talk Therapist
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Head of IT (Remote)
Location: Washington DC

Remote Licensed Psychiatrist
Location: Toms River, NJ

Tax Accountant (REMOTE)
Location: Rockford, IL

Remote Sales Executive
Location: Auburn, NY

Telemedicine Psychiatrist *REMOTE* (Michigan)
Location: Detroit, MI

Engineering Director, Travel (Remote)
Location: Miami, FL

Therapist - Remote
Location: Castro Valley, CA

Remote Licensed Professional Counselor
Location: New Mexico

Remote Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Location: Florence, AL

Remote Receptionist
Location: Chesapeake, VA

Remote Workday Analyst
Location: Washington DC

Writer - Remote (Freelance)
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Remote Destination Coordinator
Location: New York, NY

Remote Vacation Planner
Location: San Angelo, TX

Remote Travel Agent
Location: San Diego, CA

Remote Sales Agent
Location: Wixom, MI

Remote Cruise Coordinator
Location: Galveston, TX

Supporting Clinician (Remote)
Location: Oakton, VA

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Placentia, CA

Investigative Assistant - Remote
Location: Washington DC

Remote Notary
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Remote Underwriter
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Remote Notary
Location: Portland, OR

Retention Specialist - Remote Optional
Location: West Bend, WI

Therapist - Remote
Location: Arcadia, CA

-- Remote | WFH
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Remote Honeymoon Specialist
Location: Wyoming, MI

Wellness Specialist (Remote)
Location: Boston, MA

-- Remote | WFH
Location: Portland, ME

Best High Paying Marketing Jobs

Best High Paying Marketing Jobs

Marketing offers many career paths. Everyone can find the best position regardless of experience, skills, and professional qualities. Some job seekers choose technical areas, such as SEO, commercial advertising company management, conversion optimization, etc. Also, add creative pursuits in copywriting, video creation, audience interaction, and more to that list.

Marketing offers many opportunities for professional development and high-paying positions. This article will look at the top 8 jobs with the highest salaries and how to get the jobs you want.

What is a high-paying job?

To intelligently compile a list of the highest-paying jobs in marketing, we researched the U.S. labor market. Every position on our list exceeds the median household income in the United States. In the latest years, it was $6,3179.

Top 8 highest-paying marketing jobs
If you want to work in marketing and earn a decent income, the following positions are worth considering.

Director of corporate communications

Primary duties: This professional is involved in developing company messages, distributing press releases, drafting media responses, presentations, and corporate speeches, setting up internal communications, and more. Often, a director of corporate communications leads an entire team that works on communications strategy (may coordinate public relations managers and others).

To become a director of corporate communications, you must have a bachelor’s degree (many also have an MBA or business degree). Also, experience in media and public relations would not hurt.

Salary per year: $124054


Director of Market Research

Primary duties: Often, the employees represented deal with different teams and departments, create guidelines to optimize marketing objectives, and ensure the strategic moves in the right direction. This position requires a bachelor’s or a higher degree in marketing or a related field.

Salary per year: $111907


Director of e-Marketing

Primary duties: An e-marketing director is responsible for creating and executing an email marketing strategy to connect with customers, promote the brand and build traffic, engagement, and sales. They often manage a creative team of designers, copywriters, web developers, and others to create emails. They also work with analysts to achieve optimal results. The position requires enough experience in the field (7-10 years) and experience in design and content creation.

Salary per year: $102588


Director of Digital Marketing

Primary duties: The Director of Digital Marketing manages the company’s digital marketing strategy. He is also responsible for growing brand awareness online and increasing conversions and profits from the campaign. Often, this employee develops a complete digital marketing strategy, which includes digital advertising campaigns, advertising in social networks, by email, search engine optimization (SEO), and so on. The responsibilities of a digital marketing director include overseeing the employees involved in implementing the chosen strategy. The job tasks of this employee also include analyzing marketing companies and making changes to the chosen strategy to achieve the most effective result.

To qualify for the position of digital marketing director, you must have 10 years or more experience in the field. Employers expect potential position candidates to know how to work with all modern tools and understand and actively use the latest trends.

Salary per year: $99040


Director of Content Marketing

Primary duties: The professionals represented are fully responsible for various forms of content and everything associated with it. The content marketing director’s responsibilities include content creation, content planning, strategy management, content marketing, and supervision of content development staff. The represented worker may deal with various types of content: written (blog articles, ebooks, social media posts, and more), and visual (photos or videos).

You must have a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this high-paying position. Experience in content creation (for example, as a copywriter, writer, or editor) is also a great advantage. Many prospective principals start with lower-level positions in the field. As you move up the career ladder, with experience managing teams and implementing effective strategies, you’ll be able to climb high.

Salary per year: $95854


Product Marketing Manager

Primary duties: When a company introduces a new product to the marketplace, they want it to be liked so that potential customers know about its features, benefits, functionality, and other characteristics. The product marketing manager’s responsibilities include analysis, positioning, new product launches, and ongoing oversight of marketing strategies. This specialist is responsible for creating and implementing a plan that will engage the customer, demonstrate the product in the best possible light, and provide a wealth of information about it. At the same time, the manager ensures that all information is presented in the most understandable form.

To become a product marketing manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any other related field. You can get a job in a variety of companies – technology companies, software firms, cosmetics companies, and others.

Salary per year: $90769


Manager in the field of consumer demand

Primary duties: This versatile profession involves implementing various marketing initiatives and strategies to create the necessary demand for a company’s product or services. It doesn’t matter if this involves B2B (targeting other companies) or B2C (targeting specific people) efforts. A consumer demand manager can perform different tasks: attract new leads using a content campaign, promote a product before it is launched using marketing strategies, and work on loyalty programs to make new customers permanent.

Often, the professionals represented have extensive experience in marketing in various roles before applying for the position and feel comfortable enough to work with different strategies. To get your desired appointment, you must have a bachelor’s degree; with it, you will be able to demonstrate that you are willing to achieve your goals.

Salary per year: $83,143


Brand Marketing Manager

Primary duties: Such a concept as a company’s “brand” occupies a significant place. Every modern firm pays a lot of attention to how it is perceived in the marketplace. It is brand marketing managers who are given the role of “guardian” of the positive image of a variety of brands. These professionals oversee the implementation of the brand strategy and control that advertising campaigns, events, products or services, and other initiatives are in line with the business objectives. Their main task is to check that the brand is well known to the target audience.

This profession can be classified as a creative one. In addition, the represented manager analyzes the success of various ideas, looking for ways to improve performance. Therefore, the candidate for the position must have developed analytical skills. To be hired, you must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and 3-5 years of experience in a lower-level position in brand marketing.

Salary per year: $73,357



Obviously, marketing offers many high-paying positions. To get and keep the job you love, you need to constantly learn and develop, no matter how long you’ve been working in marketing.

Date: 18 August 2022
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