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How to manage your paid-traffic campaigns to source relevant candidates via Jooble dashboard effectively

Jooble is an aggregator that gathers all available vacancies from various sources like job boards, classifieds, corporate websites, social networks, and other resources. Thus, all job offers are available in one place, making our website a helpful tool for jobseekers.

As a performance-oriented product, we strive to ensure that every marketer source relevant candidates efficiently and quickly with our help. In this article, we will talk about how the marketer’s account on Jooble is organized and what tools for practical work are available there.

What is a marketer account? What are its possibilities?

A marketer account is a helpful tool for controlling traffic to your vacancies. With it, you can fully control the creation, pause or stop of your paid-traffic campaigns. So if you are not yet working with Jooble to speed up the hiring process but are planning to, in this article we will tell you what Jooble opportunities you can take advantage of. First, after you have contacted the Jooble manager for cooperation, you are given access to the marketer account. The marketer account on Jooble is presented in a particular dashboard.

How to register a marketer account?

To register for premium traffic, click “For Job Boards on the main page of on”. You will see a form to submit a premium and organic traffic request. Please fill it out by choosing Traffic plan: Premium traffic. After that, our manager will contact you and provide you with information on launching the campaign.

How can I change my bids? Can I change them once the campaign is up and running?

Yes, you can adjust click bids during the campaign. The manager offers the cost per click based on the analysis of the cost of vacancies in each industry, taking into account other additional factors. So if you have doubts about the cost of a click, you can always ask your manager about it. To change CPC and set the budget, select “All campaigns”. Click “Actions” – “Edit” in the checkbox. Here you can specify the price, budget, UTM. You will automatically have our standard UTM specified. Don’t forget to click “Save changes.”

Can I pause my campaign, and how?

You can pause the campaign by selecting it in the “All campaigns” section and then clicking “Action” and “Pause.” Pausing a campaign means that vacancies in that campaign will only be published in the organic search engine during the pause.

Check this video to learn how to create and segment new campaigns in Jooble dashboard

Check the video above to learn how to create and control Premium campaigns in Jooble dashboard

If you have any questions or would like to test Jooble’s ability to source relevant candidates, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:

Date: 19 July 2022
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Useful materials about job search in your mail

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