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From data to decision: New Jooble Tools to Improve Your Campaigns

Jooble provides the best tools for successful campaign management and is excited to introduce new features to help you strategize and execute your marketing efforts.

Plan Changes: optimize your campaigns with precision

Plan Changes Mode
New Update – Plan Changes

Plan Changes allows you to schedule changes to your segmentation campaigns. This means you can fine-tune your campaigns, adjust metrics, and easily make data-driven decisions:

  • Metric testing: Experiment with different segmentation metrics and monitor performance over a specified period to make informed decisions.
  • Scheduled updates: Plan and anticipate campaign changes to ensure timely adjustments, such as at the start of a new month.

How to use Plan Changes?

1. Activate Plan Changes mode.

Turn on Plan Changes
Turn on the mode

2. Select the segmentation metric you want to customize.

Select the segmentation metric you want to customize
Select the segmentation metric

3. Set the new metric value.
4. Select the date and time you want the change to take effect.
5. Click Save.

You can view them both
You can view them both

Your scheduled changes will automatically appear at the specified date and time, allowing you to optimize your campaigns like never before.

Management in your hands: workflow for starting or stopping campaigns

Start/Stop Campaign is designed to help you start or stop campaigns with precision and schedule these changes for optimal timing.

How to Use Start/Stop Campaign?

Select Campaign:

  • First, access your list of campaigns in the Admin Tool.
  • Locate the campaign you want to start or stop and identify it by its name or other relevant details.
  • Check the checkbox next to the campaign name to indicate your selection.
Check the chekbox
Check the checkbox

Select Action:

  • Once you’ve selected the campaign, direct your attention to the Start or Stop section, depending on whether you want to start or stop the campaign.
  • Click on the input field within the appropriate section to activate it.
Choose Action
Choose Action

Set the Date and Time:

  • After clicking the input field, a calendar and clock interface will appear.
  • Select the date you want to start or stop the campaign by clicking on the calendar and selecting the appropriate date.
  • Select when you want the change to take effect by adjusting the time entry.
Set Date and Time
Pick the time and date of change

Confirm Changes:

  • Double-check the date and time that you have selected to ensure accuracy.
  • Once you are satisfied with your selections, confirm the start or stop action by clicking Save or a similar confirmation button.
Confirm Changes
Confirm the changes

The changes to start or stop your campaign will be automatically executed at the specified date and time, ensuring you have full control over your campaign’s lifecycle.

Segmentation Job Preview: Download the Matched Job List

Our Segmentation Job Preview feature lets you download a list of jobs in your segmentation campaign, giving you complete transparency and valuable insights.

Segmented Jobs Preview
Segmented Jobs Preview

Before creating a new segmentation, click Download Matched Jobs to review the exact job list under your chosen criteria.

How to Use Segmentation Job Preview?

1. Create a new segmentation campaign.

Start with Creating New Campaign
Create New Campaign

2. Select the Segmentation Type, such as category.

Select Segmentation Type
Let’s select Category

3. Specify your segmentation criteria, like a specific job category.

Select Specific Category
Proceed to select a specific category within the Category section

4. Look for the Download Matched Jobs button and click on it.

Press Download matched jobs
Press Download matched jobs

5. A CSV file containing the list of jobs that match your criteria will be generated and ready for download.

6. Review the downloaded job list for valuable insights and enhanced planning.

These features streamline your campaign management, providing the tools to make data-driven decisions, optimize timing, and gain deeper insights into your campaigns. 

We’re excited to see how these new capabilities will help you achieve even greater success in your marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more updates!

Date: 19 September 2023
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Useful materials about job search in your mail

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Useful materials about job search in your mail