Materials Engineer

Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to make them stronger, lighter and more hard-wearing.

Materials Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Materials Engineer to join our team.


  • Support the daily operation of the Materials Science Laboratory;
  • Prepare technical reports and presentations to report results and findings;
  • Coordinate both internal and external resources and partners related to materials evaluation;
  • Transfer of process knowledge to internal and external customers;
  • Plan and carry out project responsibilities with assistance and direction from project leaders and management;
  • The engineer reports to a Manager and receives direction in the form of specific project objectives;
  • Key member for customer implementation, scale-up and development;
  • Communicate and document project plans and results to key customers;
  • Generate test data sets with statistically relevant quantification;
  • Develop methods for product plating in-house for adaptation at customer sites;
  • Define and optimize process flow for specific plating applications;
  • Assess and remediate failures in plated parts and associated processing steps;
  • Electroplate customer test parts reproducibly in both lab scale and production settings;
  • Develop knowledge and skills to be recognized as an effective implementer of research principles, scientific analysis, and project management;
  • Document processes.


  • Masters or PhD degree in metallurgical, materials, or corrosion engineering from an accredited university (required);
  • 5+ years continuous employment as a practicing metallurgical or corrosion engineer (preferred);
  • Registered professional engineer (PE) or the ability to become registered (required);
  • Strong customer facing communication skills in technical and business settings is highly encouraged;
  • A demonstrated ability to work independently or as part of a team to complete projects within required timeframes;
  • Customer facing experience a plus;
  • Electroplating experience a plus;
  • BS degree in Material Science, Chemistry, or related field;
  • Wet chemistry handling and safe working practices;
  • 1-year laboratory experience (previous employment or co-op);
  • Experience and expertise with Kimberly-Clark products, procedures, and processes;
  • Ability to translate tangible concepts into streamlined process flow;
  • Capable of multi-tasking while working in teams or as an individual contributor;
  • Successfully navigate project objectives while attending to detail;
  • Knowledge of inorganic chemistry and elemental analysis (SEM/EDS/XRF).