Field Application Engineer

Field Application Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Field Application Engineer to join our team.


  • Collaborate with customer on software design that maximizes use of Blackberry Technology Solution products;
  • Create technical training for customers and support teams;
  • Become an expert in how customers are using our products;
  • Work with marketing to develop marketing communication plans;
  • Work cross-department to ensure customer satisfaction and timely resolution of issues;
  • Visit on-site facilities and operations to enable solution integration and issue resolution;
  • For OEM projects, be able to convert them to Design Wins and transform them into revenue opportunities;
  • Develop and review systems solutions, technical bid responses and presentations;
  • Highly technical problem solver who understands system architecture, hardware and software interaction;
  • Some travel required;
  • Work with customers to handle quality issues in customer manufacturing and field applications;
  • Coordinate activity with Marketing Manager;
  • Successfully build relationships and stay informed of the competitive landscape, industry trends and technologies;
  • Obtain and verify product testbed/test scripts;
  • Driving designs in the territory while supporting the Rep and Distribution channel.


  • BS Engineering degree (BSEE preferred), or equivalent;
  • Willingness to travel when required;
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills;
  • Comfortable with hands-on wiring and working with high power equipment;
  • Minimum of 4 years work experience working with power electronics or test equipment;
  • Able to work independently with excellent time and task management;
  • Contribute new product proposals for product roadmaps;
  • Has good technical communication skills;
  • Collaborate with Sales and Marketing teams to define an outline of the product presentation and promotions with customers;
  • Provide Technical Training to new and existing customers and future customers when it comes to test and measurement tools;
  • Global travel to support key customers and technology events;
  • Has good management skill in task following up;
  • Respond to customer queries and requests for help using the support tracking system, phone and Email;
  • Create and develop relationships with key customers and decision makers;
  • Understand how to install firmware/BIOS/driver/OS image.