Senior Technical Animator

Senior Technical Animator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Senior Technical Animator to join our team.


  • Provide ongoing support and training to Animation throughout production cycle;
  • Help to identify tools that will make managing large amounts of animation possible;
  • Communicate, promote, and document animation related processes and best practices;
  • Advocate for Animation while maintaining attention to performance issues;
  • Play a positive, proactive role in communication between all involved departments;
  • Work closely with Animation, Design, and Engineering to develop the means by which these groups interact with animation data.


  • Some understanding of shaders;
  • PyQt/PySide;
  • Strong understanding of kinematics and eye for animation;
  • 3-5 years runtime animation system experience (can overlap with industry experience);
  • Strong communication and time management skills;
  • Familiarity with common 3D data formats: HVK/GR2/OBJ/FBX/ALEMBIC/etc;
  • Some familiarity with MOCAP workflows;
  • Strong technical skillset and love of getting hands dirty;
  • Familiarity with common data formats: XML/JSON/etc;
  • Experience with runtime animation tools, techniques and capabilities (Unity, Havok Behavior, Natural Motion, or proprietary, etc.);
  • Self-sufficient, motivated and independent;
  • Professional experience working with 2 or more animation pipelines;
  • General interest in contemporary CGI techniques;
  • Clear, demonstrable understanding of animation data and how it moves through the pipeline;
  • Experience with special effects and non-character animation.

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