Road Supervisor

Road Supervisor Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Road Supervisor to join our team.


  • Provide customer information for site personnel and at key locations;
  • Fill vacant shifts as necessary to ensure full service delivery;
  • Assist dispatch and maintenance staff with vehicle change outs that occur in the field;
  • Monitor street operations for on-time performance and schedule and route adherence;
  • Ensure that all operators are fit for duty, meet uniform and equipment standards and are in possession of proper licensing and certifications;
  • Conduct wheelchair securement and vehicle cleanliness checks on in service vehicles;
  • Assist operators with service or passenger problems;
  • Accurately document all field observations and ensure file maintenance;
  • Identify potential rerouting required as a result of traffic, construction or accident situations.


  • Knowledge of local training program and local operations;
  • Ability to manage emergency situations;
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work with all departments;
  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Previous training and/or field supervision experience preferred but not required;
  • Previous passenger transportation in current project or similar environment required;
  • Knowledge of client and service performance requirements;
  • Knowledge of State and Federal regulations and corporate safety programs and policies;
  • Excellent safety and service record;
  • Ability to read, write and speak English;
  • Familiarization with service area;
  • Knowledge of project specific vehicles, components and data/communications systems;
  • Ability to work independently and objectively;
  • Certifications according to local contract requirements.