Quality Assurance Supervisor

Quality Assurance Supervisor Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Quality Assurance Supervisor to join our team.


  • At a minimum SQF Quality Plan is reassessed annually;
  • Introduction of new product with processing steps not in currently included in Quality Analysis;
  • Supervises shift Quality Assurance employees and conducts quality inspections;
  • Completes reassessments of SQF Quality Plan if;
  • Conduct wheelchair securement checks on a monthly basis;
  • Participate in Driver retraining as needed;
  • Working with plant management and other supervisory staff to maximize product quality and productivity;
  • Coordinating and delivering SQF, HACCP, Quality System and Food Safety training to QA team;
  • Ensuring proper procedures are in place and being followed for employee safety, food safety, and product quality;
  • Maintaining quality and food safety records;
  • Performing paperwork review of daily production and pre-operational activities for product releases;
  • Assist Safety Manager with monthly Safety Meetings as needed;
  • Analyzing and resolving work, quality and food safety problems in manufacturing, or assisting team members in problem solving;
  • Communicating to relevant personnel information essential to ensure effective implementation and maintenance of the SQF System;
  • Provide customer information for site personnel and at key locations.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Demonstrate regular and consistent attendance and punctuality;
  • Entry Level Customer Service;
  • Self-starter who needs minimal supervision;
  • Ideal candidate will have two (2) years of transit industry experience;
  • Excellent communication and decision making skills;
  • Benefits Included;
  • Possess a valid state of California Driver license and a current DOT Certification Certificate;
  • Must be able to use desktop PC with Microsoft Office platform;
  • Full Time.

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