Cell Leader

Cell Leader Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Cell Leader to join our team.


  • Maintain high level of visibility and communicates daily with production associates;
  • Maintain employee time, production and training records;
  • Ensure building is locked and set alarm at the end of the shift;
  • Helps production associates succeed through performance management, coaching, feedback and team development;
  • Safeguards product Quality by adhering to quality standards and processes;
  • Creates and maintains a respectful work environment by listening, seeking facts to support decisions and;
  • Report production, scrap and other data required to accurately reflect production and maintain inventory accuracy;
  • Develops a high performance work team with high levels of associate morale, satisfaction, and performance;
  • Make sure that no safety device is over-ridden on any machine including the trash compacter;
  • Work with employees to motivate and inspire high levels of performance and participation;
  • Develops a high-performance work team that maintains excellence in safety and quality;
  • To provide direction to production personnel;
  • Understand the job and processes, to train;
  • Supports associates in understanding company policies and practices;
  • Maintain current working knowledge of plant equipment, processes, standards and quality criteria.


  • Bias for action and sense of urgency;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Effectively supports change;
  • Working knowledge of manufacturing processes and product;
  • Previous experience as a Group/Team lead required;
  • High School diploma and/or some secondary education. (Degree Preferred);
  • Self-Starter – minimal supervision required;
  • Ability to support a continuous improvement culture;
  • Strong communication and listening skills. Effective communicating 1:1 and in groups;
  • Strong communication and listening skills. Effective communicating 1:1 and in small groups;
  • Ability to maintain a respectful and safe work environment;
  • Practical knowledge of lean and six sigma tools and strategies;
  • Ability to work all shifts as needed;
  • Must have basic computer skills- Microsoft Office (Word & Excel);
  • Goal/Results oriented – ability to set high goals and achieve results.