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How much does a Marketing internship make in USA?

If we look at the Marketing internship salary statistics in USA as of July 10, 2024, the represented employee makes $39,082; to be more precise pay rate is $3,257 per month, $752 per week, or $19.46 per hour. We have researched the job market for this profession in detail and derived average values. Salary rates can vary depending on where you are employed. In deriving an average wage, the lowest annual salary is $39,082, and the highest rate is $39,082.

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Marketing internship salaries in USA FAQs

What is the highest pay Marketing internship can get in USA?

According to our research, Marketing internship in USA will make up to $39,082 annually, commonly depending on the specialist's experience and hiring location.

What is the starting pay Marketing internship in USA?

Based on collected statistical data, the minimum wage for this role in USA is $39,082 annually. The rate depends on many factors such as experience, area and skill-level.

What is the average salary for Marketing internship in USA?

As of July 10, 2024, the average monthly income for the represented position in USA is around $3,257. Worth noting, the rate per month can vary depending on the region and some other objective factors.

How much do Marketing internship make per week in USA?

On average, Marketing internship in USA makes $752 per week. If you want to increase your total weekly earning in this position, you should boost your skillset and qualification.

What is the average hourly earning for represented workers in USA?

According to latest statistics, the Marketing internship in USA can expect average hourly earnings at the level $19.46.

The best states for Marketing internship to start a career in 2023

To increase your total income in this position, you should check out the job openings in one of these states from the list: Fort Bragg, NC; Fayetteville, GA; Winchester, VA. Represented regions are considered the best for Marketing internship to work and live in the US.

Where are these data were taken?

To compile up-to-date statistical information, we researched 56 actual salaries and real wages nationwide. In addition, there are 285424 existing jobs on Jooble. Salary estimates were compiled up-to-date and as detailed as possible data on salary levels derived from the current job postings.

* Please note that all salary figures are approximate based upon third party submissions to Jooble including external links, websites, and services. The minimum wage may differ by industry.

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