Virtual assistant Salaries in the United States

How much does a virtual assistant make in USA?

If we look at the virtual assistant salary statistics in USA as of May 31, 2023, the represented employee makes $57,395; to be more precise pay rate is $4,783 per month, $1,104 per week, or $28.58 per hour.We have researched the job market for this profession in detail and derived average values. Salary rates can vary depending on where you are employed. In deriving an average wage, the lowest annual salary is $55,796, and the highest rate is $59,603.

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Virtual assistant salaries in USA FAQs

What is the highest salary for a virtual assistant in USA?

The highest pay for a virtual assistant in USA depends on a lot of factors. According to our research, this type of specialists in USA can make up to $59,603 per year.

What is the lowest salary for a virtual assistant in USA?

According to our research, the minimum salary for this position in USA is $55,796. Salaries vary based on years of experience and education level.

How much money can I make as a virtual assistant per month in USA?

The average monthly income for this position in USA varies based on experience, qualifications, and other factors. Anyway, you can expect to earn around $4,783 per month.

How much money can I make as a virtual assistant per hour in USA?

On average, these specialists in USA earn around $28.58 per hour. However, this number varies depending on the specific experience and skillset of the virtual assistant.

What are the best locations for virtual assistant jobs?

The list of the best states with the highest salaries includes USA. If you want to find a high-paying job, the top 3 states with the highest wages for the profession are Fremont, CA; Herndon, VA; Burbank, CA.

Where are these data were taken?

To compile up-to-date statistical information, we researched 45 actual salaries and real wages nationwide. In addition, there are 708625 existing jobs on Jooble. Salary estimates were compiled up-to-date and as detailed as possible data on salary levels derived from the current job postings.

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