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Remote Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Location: Swanzey, NH

Remote Licensed Professional Counselor
Location: South Carolina

Remote Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Remote Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Location: Island County, WA

Remote Licensed Psychiatrist
Location: El Centro, CA

Therapist - Remote
Location: The Villages, FL

Remote Receptionist
Location: Chesapeake, VA

Foreclosure Paralegal - Remote
Location: Rochester, NY

QA Engineer - Remote
Location: Beloit, WI

Remote Therapist
Location: California

Program Manager - Remote
Location: Washington DC

- Remote | WFH
Location: Honea Path, SC

Remote Notary
Location: Wichita, KS

Remote Notary
Location: Baltimore, MD

Remote Notary
Location: Charlotte, NC

Remote Notary
Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Remote Notary
Location: Columbus, OH

Remote Notary
Location: Detroit, MI

Remote Underwriter
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: White Plains, NY

Clinician - Remote
Location: Fair Lawn, NJ

Administrative Assistant (REMOTE)
Location: Remote

Remote Sales
Location: Dover, NH

Remote Sales
Location: Canton, SD

Recruiter - Remote
Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Auditor | Remote
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Remote Copywriter
Location: Remote

Dietitian - Remote
Location: Chicago, IL

Remote Coordinator
Location: Newark, NJ

Remote Heavy Equipment Operator
Location: Blackfoot, ID

11 Groundbreaking Uses of AI in Recruitment

11 Groundbreaking Uses of AI in Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the recruitment process. From sourcing to pre-selection, interviewing, reference and background checks, and even determining fair compensation, AI is being utilized in every stage of the recruitment process. Here are the 11 most groundbreaking uses of AI in recruitment that we believe we’ll see (a lot) more of in the coming years.

  1. Interview Robots – AI-powered robots are being used to assess a candidate’s soft skills and personality traits, eliminating (unconscious) bias based on gender, age, physical characteristics, or other factors.
  2. Analytics for Conversation – Software records interviews (via video call or in-person) and transcribes them automatically, providing insights on interviewer effectiveness and consistency.
  3. AI-Powered Background Checks – AI is being utilized to streamline the time-consuming and labor-intensive background check process to reduce risk for businesses.
  4. Checking References through Automation – Automated reference checks address issues with the reliability of both the person providing the reference and the review itself, as well as practical issues like scheduling and replicability.
  5. Artificial Intelligence for Internal Mobility – Hiring internally reduces hiring costs and risks significantly, as well as provides a functional and productive employee who already knows the company.
  6. Identifying Team Strengths and Closing Talent Gaps – AI is being used to analyze individuals’ deep-level characteristics and understand how these variables influence collaboration and effectiveness in a team setting.
  7. AI-Powered Talent Marketplaces – The rise of the gig economy has resulted in the rise of talent marketplaces, which use automated matching to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce discrepancies.
  8. Compensation Estimation – Cloud-based compensation software providers like PayScale use AI to consider specific skills and geographic data when pricing high-demand jobs in competitive markets.
  9. Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) – RPA uses software to automate business tasks, handling a wide range of tasks and activities to increase efficiency.
  10. Rerouting Candidates – Rerouting candidates allows companies to make better use of their candidate pool, especially for retail or hospitality companies with multiple locations in the same geographic region.
  11. Onboarding of New Employees – AI-driven technology can aid in lowering the administrative burden of the onboarding process, providing 24/7 onboarding services and AI chatbots to answer basic questions and walk candidates through the various stages of their onboarding process.

As the use of AI in recruitment becomes more common, people are inventing new ways to make recruitment faster, easier, and fairer. These 11 groundbreaking uses of AI in recruitment are just the beginning of what we can expect to see in the future.

Date: 23 February 2023
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