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Remote Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Location: Oregon State

Head of Actuary (Remote)
Location: Boston, MA

General Counsel (Remote)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Peoplesoft Consultant - Remote
Location: San Francisco, CA

Remote Licensed Psychiatrist
Location: Glendale, AZ

Remote Licensed Talk Therapist
Location: Baird, TX

Security Engineer (SF Remote)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Director of Capital Markets (Remote)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Counselor - Remote
Location: Doral, FL

Director, Business Development (Remote)
Location: Waltham, MA

Director, Pharmacy Outreach, Remote
Location: Bethesda, MD

Managing Consultant - (Remote, US)
Location: Washington DC

Director of Content, The Streamable (remote)
Location: Washington DC

Manager Actuarial Analytics *Remote*
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Remote Licensed Professional Counselor
Location: Champaign, IL

Associate Designer (Not Remote)
Location: Birmingham, AL

Associate Director, Pharmacometrics (Remote)
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Remote Sales Agent
Location: Wixom, MI

QA Engineer - Remote
Location: Beloit, WI

Investigative Assistant - Remote
Location: Washington DC

Retention Specialist - Remote Optional
Location: West Bend, WI

Supporting Clinician (Remote)
Location: Oakton, VA

Remote Notary
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Remote Underwriter
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Writer - Remote (Freelance)
Location: New York, NY

Therapist - Remote
Location: Arcadia, CA

Remote Booker
Location: New Jersey

Remote Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Remote Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Location: Island County, WA

Foreclosure Paralegal - Remote
Location: Rochester, NY

Vervoe Launches Cybersecurity Job Simulations for Efficient Hiring

Vervoe Launches Cybersecurity Job Simulations for Efficient Hiring

Vervoe, an AI-powered skills testing platform, has released a new suite of Cybersecurity Job Simulations designed to simplify the process of hiring in-house cybersecurity professionals. With a global cybersecurity skills shortage and outdated recruitment methods, hiring qualified cybersecurity professionals has become a challenge for businesses. The new job simulations enable hirers to watch candidates configure firewalls, patch vulnerabilities, and investigate intrusions within a live and immersive terminal environment to validate their skills.

According to Vervoe Co-Founder David Weinberg, traditional recruitment methods are almost irrelevant when it comes to identifying top talent as they lack the ability to assess and validate skills. The simulations aim to take the guesswork out of the hiring decision and minimize the risk of hiring poor performers for incident response and cybersecurity roles.

The market-first suite of job simulations is specifically designed for high-stakes hiring, enabling organizations to hire qualified cybersecurity professionals efficiently. Vervoe also plans to launch six more cybersecurity simulations along with Marketing, Sales, and Data Science simulations.

With global cyberattacks increasing by 38% in 2022 and the average cost of a cyberattack exceeding $5 million per incident, businesses need to ensure they have the cybersecurity skills required to protect themselves. Vervoe’s new job simulations offer a promising solution to simplify the recruitment process and enhance the candidate experience while addressing the global cybersecurity skills shortage.

Date: 27 February 2023
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Useful materials about job search in your mail
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