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Jooble’s Design Upgrade: Seamless Navigation for Job Searchers

We are thrilled to introduce the makeover of our website, a redesign that goes beyond the surface to elevate the user experience for our users.

While we’ve given the visual aesthetics a modern facelift, our primary focus extends further – we’re dedicated to crafting a seamless and purposeful journey for every user.

At the heart of our company’s strategy lies the commitment to becoming the ultimate “entry point” or one-stop shop, guiding individuals towards the best career opportunities tailored to their unique blend of abilities, beliefs, values, and needs.

As our range of services expanded, it became evident that a redesign was necessary to align our product with this ambitious vision.

Comparison of the new and old designs
Comparison of the new and old designs

Revamping navigation

In response to the changing landscape of our services, we’ve reimagined the entire navigation structure of our product. The main changes concern the main menu and searching and moving filters. The main navigation now resides in a sleek sidebar on the left, ensuring visibility and easy access.

Now the user can easily find there:

  • Favorites
  • Salaries
  • Subscription

Internally referred to as “shelves” for services, this updated navigation simplifies the user journey, making exploring the offerings that will guide users towards their dream job more intuitive.

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Filters below the search bar

Setting up filters for the job search is very important on the way to the dream role. Previously, filters were located in the panel on the left — now we decided to move them right under the search bar.

The key design updates of the website
The key design updates of the website

Now user can apply such filters from the top of the site under the search bar:

  • Date of posting
  • Type of employment
  • Work experience
  • Location
  • Salary

Improved job preview

After the update, users can see more critical information about the position and benefits in the job preview, significantly saving time searching.

Throughout the year, we did a lot of experiments that allowed us to perfect job previews. Now, more key benefit points are visible immediately on the preview, and the user saves time not clicking on the vacancy and looking for these features there. The users can find interesting vacancies faster.

For example:

  • Salary insights (daily rate, weekly pay, etc.)
  • Type of employment (summer work, internship, etc.)
  • Working conditions (immediate start, work from home, etc.)
  • Working schedule (early shift, holiday work, etc.)
  • Languages
  • Qualifications (for PhD, newly qualified, etc.)
  • Working experience (senior, no skill, etc.)
  • Skills (tableau, Java, Windows, etc.)
  • Benefits (paid training, free visa, etc.)
  • Age groups (school leaver, for 13 years old)

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Improved user journey

Our redesigned “shelves” for services are not just about aesthetics; they are a vital component of our strategy. By streamlining access to current services, users can effortlessly select the tools they need to achieve their paramount goal – finding the perfect job.

Here's how the new design looks on the desktop and mobile version
Here’s how the new design looks on the desktop and mobile version

These services are designed to delve into the searcher’s preferences, providing tailored recommendations for more relevant job opportunities.

For example, these are services such as the Salary section, where you can find out:

  • the average salaries in the region;
  • average salaries for popular searches;
  • salaries for other jobs.

Jooble helps find a perfect job

Jooble’s revamped website is an improved hub for a better job-searching journey. Our filters are now under the search bar, making it easy to customize the search by date, job type, experience, location, and salary.

Our service sections are designed to understand what candidates are looking for. They give tailored recommendations based on user’s preferences, helping discover the best job opportunities more effortlessly.

We’ve spruced things up to make the job hunt smoother and more enjoyable. With Jooble’s upgraded website, we’re here to ensure the ultimate candidate experience from start to finish.

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Date: 31 January 2024
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