Hardware Engineering Intern

Hardware Engineering Intern Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Hardware Engineering Intern to join our team.


  • Responsible for design and analysis of systems, equipment and packages. Conducts feasibility studies and testing on new and modified designs;
  • Takes direction from senior system architects in developing methods, techniques and criteria for achieving objectives;
  • Awareness and familiarity with relevant subject matter knowledge including technologies, theories, or techniques;
  • Contributes to the development of innovative principles and ideas.


  • Understanding of Engineering principles and ability to apply them effectively;
  • Ability to consistently implement and participate in Design for Quality activities such as design reviews;
  • Ability to use, review, and understand system design tools such as CAD drawings and schematics;
  • Ability to effectively communicate with program management and others a description of technical issues and their impacts to an overall program.