Staff Data Scientist

Staff Data Scientist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Staff Data Scientist to join our team.


  • Meticulous experimentation to evaluate and compare models;
  • Proposing and drive technical initiatives;
  • Identifying appropriate models/algorithms to solve product requirements;
  • Proposing infrastructure to accelerate the pace of model exploration and improve model serving and maintenance;
  • Identifying new opportunities to leverage our data asset;
  • Deploying models to production and maintaining them;
  • Meeting with customers to discuss our machine learning models and roadmap;
  • Being a technical mentor for senior and junior team members;
  • Writing internal and external facing documentation describing models and approaches, such as wiki pages, white papers, blog posts or journal papers.


  • Forecasting;
  • Experience with – Python, Kafka, TensorFlow, Sci-kit Learn;
  • Experience building, delivering and maintaining Machine Learning and AI products;
  • PhD or MS in a quantitative discipline such as Applied Math, Data Science, Physics, Statistics, or Engineering;
  • Segmentation experience;
  • Ad Tech experience;
  • Deep understanding of Statistical/Probabilistic Analysis and Linear Algebra;
  • Experience with Churn prediction;
  • 6+ years of relevant industry experience, including internships;
  • Experience with SQL;
  • Ability to write production-ready code;
  • Significant industry experience;
  • Graduate degree;
  • Experience with Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis, and/or Optimization;
  • Experience with ML at scale.