Product Training Manager

Product Training Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Product Training Manager to join our team.


  • Identify KPIs and monitor, evaluate, and record training activities and program effectiveness;
  • Design, develop, and deliver curricula, documentation and other training collateral to support knowledge sharing programs;
  • Establish and develop a revenue generating customer (user) product training function;
  • Serve as a single point of contact for all product training and documentation needs;
  • Identify training tools, using state of the art technology, to deliver training to a remote population on an ongoing and sustainable basis;
  • Facilitate workshops;
  • Responsible for all aspects of planning, leading, and organizing employee technical product learning programs and supporting collateral;
  • Maintaining project documentation;
  • Creating (or identifying the need for creating) supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role plays, games, etc.);
  • Provide exercises and activities that enhance the learning process;
  • Work with subject matter experts to identify target audience‚Äôs training needs;
  • Devise modes of assessment, such as tests or quizzes, to measure the effectiveness of the course;
  • Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content;
  • Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface and the finished product;
  • Analyze and apply trends and best practices in learning technologies and instructional design.


  • Experience balancing multiple projects simultaneously and meeting aggressive timelines;
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience;
  • Exemplary verbal and written communication skills;
  • Strong project management and organizational skills;
  • Flexibility and resourcefulness to manage changing business requirements, projects, and resources, adapting accordingly and positively;
  • BA/BS degree required; MS/MBA preferred;
  • Ability to simplify technical or complex information and tasks into friendly, simple language.