Sales Admin

Sales Admin Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Sales Admin to join our team.


  • Assist in Appointment Results approvals;
  • Attends sales meetings;
  • Assist Sales Reps with appointment dispositions;
  • Assist in preparation for sales meetings and training;
  • Maintain sales performance spreadsheets and charts;
  • Follow up on customer and sales rep issues;
  • Maintain sales forms and supplies;
  • Monitor and distribute customer surveys;
  • Email communications with sales reps and customers;
  • Maintain Sales Rep Schedules;
  • Create and Distribute Biz Wiz Sales Reports;
  • Assist Sales Reps with Paperwork and BizWiz Order entry;
  • Monitor new sales order progress;
  • Assist Sales Reps with Paperwork and Order entry;
  • Create and Distribute Sales Reports.


  • Demonstrable experience in administration, and/or customer service;
  • Client service focus – understand the need, solve problems, and respond in an efficient manner;
  • Attend to tasks with accuracy and attention to detail;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office computer applications required, plus ability to navigate software programs;
  • Self-motivated and energetic;
  • Organizational skills – ability to manage time and multi-task;
  • Exceptional telephone and interpersonal skills.